Soccer golf… is amazing. ⚽️⛳️☀️😎 (at Harvey Penick Golf Course)

That evening sun. ☀️ (at The Nunnery)

Hello, new friend. 😊 (at True Blue Tattoo)

#goodmorning, 60°F Austin. 😍 (at Oak Springs Elementary School)

Post-spa wife. 😍 #latergram (at Away Spa)

Heading into storage. (Pure parent exploitation for entertainment… glad he plays along.) 😀 (at The Nunnery)

Mother and son.🐺😍 (at The Nunnery)

Austin’s so Portland today. @catzter and I are riding bikes to the farmer’s market for groceries, in a cold 61F rain, stopping for craft coffee. We should pick up another tattoo on the way home! ☔️🍅☕️ (at Cuvee Coffee Bar)

These magical white flowers are all over the Eastside! They bloom every year when summer starts to go away. 😊🌼☀️ (at Rosewood-Zaragosa Neighborhood Center)

Terminal. ☀️😍 [✈️: Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, San Juan]